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Trust Energy Cleaning to Cleanse Your Milton Keynes Property

Did you notice that swiping your front porch no longer did the job? Cleaning the pool deck with your garden hose is not effective? Are you tired and disappointed? Well, don’t be, Milton Keynes top cleaning company is here to aid you. Every so often you really need to call the professionals and rely on their expertise and cleaning equipment. Forget about mops and brooms, Energy Cleaning will jet wash your property completely.

With combined field experience is more than 40 years, our technicians are knowledgeable about the different types of pavements and the particular problems that may occur with them. We will inspect and inform you about the state of your property, and after you give us the green light, we will blast away all the dirt, debris and dust that has been bothering you. Our cleaning company does both commercial and private estates of all types and sizes.

jet pressure cleaning

What Is Jet Washing

jet cleaning Karcher K7

This is a cleaning service that uses a high-pressure water jet to extract the dirt and dust from all types of pavement. In the Milton Keynes region, we use the notorious Karcher K7 Jet washer to cleanse the properties of our customers and purge all of the filth and debris.

Drains are essential

During the performance of this cleaning service large amounts of water will be used, thus they need to go somewhere afterwards. This is way the most important requirement we have concerns, your drains. You must have a working drain close to the cleaning site.

We need electricity

The jet pressure machine needs to be plugged to a power source in order to work. Therefore, our cleaners must use an outdoor switch we can use. Otherwise out technicians will bring professional extension cords and resort to your indoor power sources.

The importance of water

Jet washing can’t work without water, that is why we need to know if there is a tap that we can use. It is not necessary to be located on the outside. We can always use your kitchen tap. What is essential, is to warn us so our cleaners can bring the needed hoses.

Powerful tools

Our cleaning company uses exclusively Karcher’s jet pressure machines. They are extremely powerful, with some having a jet flow of more than 150 bars. Combined with the right detergents, we have an unstoppable cleaning force available to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you remove patches of grass or moss?

    A: In most cases, we can remove up to 90% of the grass and moss, but it pretty much depends on the place where it is growing and the type of pavement we are dealing with. Once our technician is at the spot, he will be able to give you more details.

  • Q: Can I book you on weekends?

    A: Yes, we are available both on weekends and holidays. You just need to coordinate the exact date and hour with our main office and our cleaners will be ready to come and deliver the service.

  • Q: Why do you need to know the type of my pavement in advance?

    A: Each pavement is unique and has particular cleaning requirements. The pressure machine is extremely powerful, and we must calibrate it in advance according to the type of paved path you own. In addition, there are different cleaning detergents for the various sorts of pavements, and we need to be properly equipped when we arrive at the location.

  • Q: Do I need to be there when you perform the service?

    A: No, we just need to have access to a water tap and a power source. If you wish you can leave us the key and when our cleaners are finished they will give it back. All of our crew members know what to do and do not need additional supervision.


The area around the pool needed a good scrubbing, so we decided to try out the famous jet washing of Energy Cleaning. We weren't misled. The cleaners did an amazing job, will book them again for certain.

Trevor Chang

Twice a year our hotel uses Energy’s jet washing as a part of the one-off cleaning of the property. We are very happy with the way the cleaners do their job. They are efficient and trustworthy.

Richard King

I have used many cleaning companies in Milton Keynes, but Energy Cleaning is my all time favourite. I’m completely fine with leaving them the keys and letting them do their job. Never had a single problem with them.

Megan Cox

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