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  • Discreet and inconspicuous cleaners
  • Guaranteed pre-event location survey
  • Experienced event coordinator on-site
  • Extra cleaning services upon request

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Energy Cleaning - Give Your Guests the Perfect Experience

Every gathering can turn into a disaster if you lack the right assistance. With Energy Cleaning you can't make a mistake. We are skilled professionals who know how to properly handle every occasion. It doesn't matter if it is a wedding, a company party or a funeral. Everything the Milton Keynes inhabitants needs, our cleaners can deliver all the while working like a well-oiled machine.

Geared up with the right tools and an inconspicuous personality, we can assure the smooth passing of your event. In our combined experience of more than 40 years, we have encountered quite a few interesting and shocking situations. Our technicians have proved to be capable and professional even under enormous pressure. This is precisely why Energy Cleaning is so highly rated amongst the Milton Keynes community.

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The What’s and How’s about Event Cleaning

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Operating for so long in the Milton Keynes area our technicians know what a good cleaning service is and how it should be delivered. We will treat your gust with the needed respect and won't interact with them unless needed. Think about us as your invisible event helpers.

How will it be organised?

Everything starts with the mandatory survey of the location. Our chief technician will assess the place and give you different options regarding the number of teams and their members. Just before the event starts, we will arrive and stay as long as you want us to.

What is going to happen during the event?

Our cleaners will patrol the premiss removing all the rubbish they encounter. We will take care of the sanitization of the toilets and bathrooms and will deal with all possible unpleasant accidents due to the misuse of alcohol. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

How do you check if a gathering is suitable for the event cleaning services?

Every event, no matter how big or small it is, can benefit from us. Every host wants the best for their guests, and we will be there to deliver it. Our expert cleaners are trained to deal with unexpected situations all the while maintaining the pleasant atmosphere at your gathering.

What can you expect from our cleaners?

Our cleaning company maintains a high standard when it comes to the training and vetting procedure of our stuff. We make certain to properly instruct and check everybody before allowing them on the field. Our teams are always respectable and discreet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will your cleaners tidy after the event has finished?

    A: The event cleaning service lasts only till the gathering is over or until the time for which you have hired us is done. If you want us to clean the property afterwards, you need to book a separate cleaning team as it is a completely different service. You can ask our chief technician for more information during the initial survey of the property.

  • Q: How many teams can you dispatch for my event?

    A: It all depends on how big the event is and how spacious the place it is host at is. One of our expert technicians will arrange an on-site survey prior to the gathering and will discuss with you the different possibilities. Our cleaning company can provide you with up to 30 cleaners, if necessary.

  • Q: Can I book your cleaning services during the weekend?

    A: We understand that most of our customers host the majority of their gathering during the weekend and our cleaners have no problem with it. We maintain a flexible working schedule and can offer you our services even on holidays.

  • Q: Do I need to provide your cleaners with something?

    A: Only with the exact location and time the event will start. The cleaners will arrive equipped will all of the needed tools. You don’t have to supply us with anything. All is covered.


The wedding reception was an absolute success, and Energy Cleaning has a lot to do with it. The teams were well mannered and practically invisible throughout the whole thing. I’m very happy I have relied on this cleaning company for the most important day of my life!

Maria Lopez

As one of the most renown golf clubs in the Milton Keynes area, we host regular events and always use the services of Energy Cleaning. Their crews really know how to do a great job and maintain the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere our customers expect.

Eric Mackenzie

Our company used the services of Energy Cleaning for the annual corporate party, and everybody was delighted at how professional and polite the cleaners were. Keep up the good work, guys!

Bill Sutton

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