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  • Forget about the old-fashioned dip-tank method
  • 100% unique washing technology for your stoves
  • Proven quality results with professional kitchens
  • Pet-friendly, non-toxic cleaning detergents used

Prices from £49/single oven

Energy Cleaning - The Right Choice for Your Oven

The dirty stove posses a challenge not only for the average homeowner but also for various food-related businesses. Bakers and restauranteurs know the dirty kitchen is their worst enemy. In this neverending battle Energy Cleaning is here to save the day. Say no to oil and food stains, heavy odours and greasy trays. Our proven washing methods will purge the dirt from your oven and kitchen in no time.

Equipped with non-toxic detergents and professional gear, our cleaners can arrive at any location in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. Thrust our expertise based on hundreds of cleaning jobs, we won't mislead you. All crew members are trained to deal with various types of kitchen appliances. They know every brand has particular cleaning requirements and understand how important it is to follow them strictly.

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Oven Cleaning Prices in Milton Keynes

Single oven, including two racks £49 Range extractor £24
 Double oven, including three racks £67 AGA oven from £83
 Standard hob (4 burners) £18 Small round BBQ £49
 Extractor £18 Medium-sized BBQ (up to 3 burners) £69
 Range Oven (90cm) £89 Large BBQ (4 to 6 burners) £89
 Range oven (100-110cm) £97 Single oven package deal (Cleaning of a single oven, hob, extractor, washing machine, dishwasher, single fridge and microwave) £123
 Range hob (5 to 8 burners) £24 Double oven package deal (Cleaning of a double oven, hob, extractor, washing machine, dishwasher, single fridge and microwave) £145

What Can Energy Cleaning Offer the Milton Keynes Community?

Oven Cleaning

In terms of diligent deep-stove cleansing, Energy Cleaning can provide our Milton Keynes’ customers with years of experience, an innovative way of doing things and an honest attitude. Our cleaners have the confidence needed to overcome every challenge.

Our secret weapon

Energy Cleaning has developed a new way of dealing with all of the detachable elements of your stoves. Leave the questionable dip-tank method in the past and discover the perks of our secret deep-cleansing technic. Your oven(s) will look like brand new again.

Benefits for all kitchen appliances

Our cleaning company offers to all customers an extended washing service. If you need us to take care of your dishwasher or fridge, you just have to ask. Prepared with the accurate tools and detergents, our teams will arrive at your place and will brighten up everything.

We understand your worries

It is natural to be suspicious when you allow people you don’t know, enter your property. To assure you of your safety, we conduct regular vetting checks and briefings with our personnel. You don’t have to worry about your estate and belongings. All is taken care of.

Perks for professional kitchens

One of the reasons Energy Cleaning is so popular amongst the Milton Keynes community is our ability to thoroughly clean professional kitchens. It doesn't matter if we are talking about a restaurant, a bakery or a pub, our teams can deep-wash all cooking appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long does this cleaning service take?

    A: This depends on what type of kitchen we are dealing with. Professional cooking appliances tend to take longer to be properly cleaned. If you want more information, send us pictures of the stove you wish us to deep-wash. Afterwards, our chief technician will be able to give you a time estimate.

  • Q: Do you have to receive specific information in advance?

    A: If you own an uncommon brand of an oven(s), or it has specific requirements from the manufacturer, we need to know in advance. Some stoves come with a particular cleaning kit and/or a list of detergents that need to be used. Please provide us with this information upon booking our cleaning services.

  • Q: Can I use my oven right away?

    A: Yes, we use safe cleaning methods that allow our customers to start cooking the moment we leave. You don’t have to worry about a leftover chemical smell or dangerous vapours.

  • Q: Do your cleaners know how to handle an AGA stove?

    A: Absolutely, our teams possess the needed knowledge to deal with such types of ovens. However, bear in mind that we can’t thoroughly clean these stoves due to their specific way of working ( an AGA oven can never be switched off).


We were undergoing an inspection from the headquarters of our company. The professionals from Energy Cleaning helped us immensely. Currently, we are named “The top fast-food restaurant” from our franchise in the Milton Keynes region. We owe it all to the fast and efficient Energy Cleaners. Thanks, guys!

Rani Patel

I booked Energy’ services to clean my grandmother’s age-old stove. I’m amazed at how good of a job the technicians did. The thing actually had some shine after they were all done. 10 out of 10, the best cleaning technology I have ever seen!

Henry Dean

This was the first time ever I leave my home while there are cleaners in it. Nevertheless, the job was done splendidly, and the Energy staff was very polite. They have tidied after themselves, and the kitchen was spotless. Thoroughly pleased with how everything turned out.

Matilda Bell

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