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  • 100% flexible cleaning schedules
  • High-quality cleaning methods

Prices from £16/h

Why You Need Energy Cleaning

Did you just renovate your home? Have you had any construction work done at your restaurant? Is your property left looking like a building site? Have no worry Energy Cleaning is ready to cleanse and brighten your Milton Keynes estate. Our experts are trained to deal with all kinds of stainings and construction debris. We will diligently inspect and carefully clean the place until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Our cleaning company has as partners some of the biggest brands in the industry in order to perfect the work we do. Using modern methods and constantly implementing innovative solutions, we always try to stay on top of the competition. With high standards in the quality of the provided services and record levels of customer satisfaction in Milton Keynes, Energy Cleaning is the right choice for your property.

After Builders Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning Prices in Milton Keynes

 Hour rate £16
 Equipment £15
 Detergents £5
 Min. charges apply

What Can You Expect from Our After Builders Cleaning Services?

after builders professional cleaning

As one of the most preferred cleaning companies in Milton Keynes, we take immense care of our customers and their properties. You can expect from our technicians to be diligent and straightforward. Our goal is to leave you happy and do the job properly.

Suitable for all types of property

The Energy cleaners are trained to deal with all types of estates, regardless of them being private homes or commercial buildings. If the property has undergone a renovation, we can make certain the place is well cleaned and refreshed.

Flexible cleaning checklist

The cleaning services we offer can be adapted in accordance with the needs of our customers. If you want to add external window washing to your package, all you have to do is speak to our head technician. You possess complete freedom of choice.

Self-sufficient cleaning teams

Out crews are perfectly capable to be left alone at your property. We are trained professionals and know what to do. You no longer have to waste your valuable time on supervising and constantly repeating instructions. The head technician has got you covered.

Professional opinion

Before the cleaning process starts, our head expert will assess the situation at your property and discuss what needs to be done. We will advise you on what cleaning services are good to include or exclude if there is permanent stain damage and how best to deal with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you apply special washing solutions when providing this cleaning service?

    A: Yes, it is important to state that the detergents used in the after builders cleaning services are different from the rest. As the stains left by construction materials are more persistent and hard to remove, the solvents used must be stronger than the regular ones. Bear in mind that sometimes even the strongest of chemicals can’t completely eliminate a paint smudge from a wooden floor.

  • Q: Can you dispose of the leftover construction rubbish?

    A: Our cleaners can and will remove light waste like plastic wrappers, for example. However, if you want us to get rid of paint, plaster or other building materials, you need to hire a professional rubbish disposal company. There are specialised containers and landfills where the construction debris must be properly disposed of, and we can’t simply throw it in the nearby trash bin.

  • Q: How many people will arrive at my property?

    A: Our chef cleaner can give you a precise estimate after the initial viewing. In most situations, a tightly organised unit works a lot faster than a large party, but all depends on the vastness and state of your property.

  • Q: Are initial viewings necessary?

    A: When we are talking about after builders cleaning, they are. We need to know in advance what is the state of your property, and what detergents we have to bring with us. Also, different cleaning equipment is used depending on the situation. We urge our customers to always have an on-site survey before we deliver the wanted cleaning services.


After the baby was born, we needed to make some minor reconstructions around the home. When all was done, we concluded that we needed help with the cleaning as the house was a complete mess. Thankfully, we found Energy Cleaning. The technicians were very polite and worked extremely fast. So happy with all they have done!

Nina Day

Positively brilliant! The best cleaners in Milton Keynes! You can’t tell there has been construction work done at all, the place looks great!

Mark Walton

I had my doubts at first as I have never let unsupervised workers at my estate before. Pleasantly surprised by the teams from Energy. The cleaning services were delivered on time and with great attention, everything was in place, and the house finally stopped smelling of wall paint. Job, well done!

Amelia Freeman

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