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Energy Cleaning Will Eliminate Every Obstacle on Your Path

Living in one of the most beautiful counties, the people of Oxford have high standards when it comes to the state of their patios and parking lots. We know that we can’t always rely on the rain to wash away all of the dirt. Here is where Energy cleaning steps in and transforms completely its customers’ properties. Equipt with the latest pressure washers and cleaning supplies, we will make all of your concerns disappear.

Marked as one of the cleaning companies with the highest customer satisfaction rate in Oxford and London counties, we try to always be honest and open with our customers. If there is a problem, we will discuss it with you and find the best working solution. Our jet washing services are no exception. We insist on having a firm communication and do whatever we can to provide you with the best humanly possible results.

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What Do You Need to Know About Jet Washing?

jet cleaning Karcher K7

Jet washing is a deep pressure wash that can be performed both indoors and outdoors if all technical requirements are in place. With the help of our powerful Karcher K7, we have effortlessly won the hearts and cleansed the patios of our Oxford customers.

Not all pavements are the same

Our cleaning company uses one of the most powerful jet washers with the astonishing 160 bar pressure. In order to use this power for good, you need to send us pictures of the place you want us to clean. We need to assess your pavements cleaning demands in advance.

Basic necessity

Keep in mind that this service uses a lot of water which means it has all to go somewhere afterwards. That said, you need to have on site properly working and cleaned drains. The same goes if you want us to perform the service indoors. It is all about the drains.

Jet washing needs water

In order to arrive properly equipped our cleaners must know in advance if there is a working external tap, they can use. It is no problem if there isn’t as our teams can use the one in the kitchen. However, we must be informed, so we can bring the proper water hoses.

Electricity is a must

Similar to the water, the pressure washer can’t work without electricity. Therefore, you need to warn us if there are no external power sources on site. This again is not a big deal, but we must know in advance to take the equipment needed in this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you clean mould and moss?

    A; It very much depends on the sort of pavement you have. We are confident we can remove all mildew and plants in 90% of the cases. Please send us a picture of the things you want us to remove, so our cleaning crews can arrive fully prepared.

  • Q: What kind of cleaning detergents will you use on my property?

    A: All pavements have different cleaning requirements. For further information, please make and send us some pictures. This is the easiest way to determine the cleaning detergent needed in your particular case.

  • Q: Can I book you on weekends?

    A: Yes, our cleaners have flexible working hours, so it is possible for us to provide you with cleaning services during the weekends.

  • Q: Do you clean commercial properties?

    A: If there is a working drain on site, we can clean every type of building. However, for the bigger properties, an initial viewing may be needed.

  • Q: Why do you ask for pictures?

    A: Because it is the most convenient way for our customers to give us the information needed. It is easier to send us pictures than to book an appointment for a property viewing. It saves everyone's time.

  • Q: Do I need to be present on site?

    A: If you wish, you can, but it is not necessary. You can provide us with a key and the needed information in advance. Our cleaners will arrive, do their job and return the keys in the end.


Good job guys! Fast and polite service arrived on time. Have no complaints.

Noah Patel

Despite the location and the size of the driveways in our property in Park Town, OX2, the Energy team did a tremendous job. They washed everything in record time without missing a spot or a moss-patch. Undoubtedly the best services we have ever received so far from a cleaning company.

Sophia Williams

I use the pressure washing services from Energy cleaning every couple of months, and I’m more than happy after each time they come. The boys are always polite and always on time. There is nothing more to say, will continue relying on them in the future.

Edward Thomas

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