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  • 100% elimination of dust mites and bacteria
  • Removal of pet hairs and smells
  • Return the original colours of your furniture
  • Trained and competent cleaners at your service

Prices from £16

Energy Cleaning Can Brighten up Both Your Day and Upholstery!

Naturally, cleaning the upholstery is not the first thing to come in mind during the weekend. People prefer to spend time with their family and friends, not locked up in the house scrubbing the couch. For just such occasions the Guildford community can rely on the expert services of Energy Cleaning. Our upholstery and mattress cleaning will save you time and money you can later invest in spending with your loved ones.

We will dispatch a professional team geared up with steam cleaners and specialised detergents, that will cleanse your mattresses and furniture. Say goodbye to all dust mites, dirt, pet hairs and fibres! Our cleaning company knows how to deliver good results while respecting your property and belongings. It has never been so easy having a healthy and fresh-looking property, as now!

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Upholstery Cleaning Prices in Guildford

Mattress single£16Mattress double£18
2 seat sofa£363 seat sofa£46
Landing£6By step£2
Dining chair£10Office chair£7
Curtains short£22Curtains long£35
Min. charges apply

How to Distinguish Our Quality Cleaning Services From the Rest?

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You can easily recognise when one’s home has been taking care of by Energy Cleaning. Our technicians don’t spare efforts and detergents when it comes to brightening your furniture. We create only happy and satisfied customers in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

Ethical approach

Not all stains can be removed due to various reasons. This is something you need to know, and our technicians aren’t afraid to say it. If the fabric can’t be completely cleaned, we will explain why without misleading you. The customer always has the right to know the truth.

Knowledgeable about fabrics

Rely on us to know what is best for your upholstery. Our cleaners are experienced in working with different fabrics. They can competently advise you on how to best maintain your furniture, or fast-clean a still fresh stain. We have the knowledge and aren't afraid to share it!

Professional cleaning technic

Our cleaning company works only with well-known and trusted brands like Prochem. We use their full product range which makes all of our solvents compatible with one and other. This is extremely important when you are trying to reach maximum quality and cleanliness.

What can the customer do?

Customers can do two things to assure a perfect upholstery cleaning service. If you own any designer or custom furniture, we need to know in advance. And if you have a manufacturers’ cleaning kits, please provide us with them, as they are the most suitable for your upholstery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do synthetic materials dry off quicker than the natural?

    A: There a couple of factors that can affect how fast your upholstery will dry off - the thickness of the fibres, type of material, room temperature, humidity levels and presence of a constant fresh airflow in the room. In ideal conditions, synthetic materials dry off completely for about 6 hours and naturals - for around 8 hours. However in winter, when it's colder outside, and you can't open the window as much as you want, the drying period can take up to 48 hours.

  • Q: How long will it take for my mattress to dry off completely?

    A: The technology our cleaners use absorbs the water almost instantly and leaves the material at 95% dried. Depending on the material it is made off, your beddings should be 100% dry in a couple of hours.

  • Q: How important is label checking my upholstery?

    A: It is the essence of upholstery cleaning. Depending on the manufacturer's instruction, our technicians choose the method of washing and the detergents they are going to use. Always examine your labels before booking a cleaning company.

  • Q: When can you come?

    A: It wholly depends on our work schedule and the availability of the property that needs cleaning. We can take jobs every day, so if you have a particular request, you can discuss it with our coordinator on the phone.


The boys from Energy cleaning were polite and friendly. They took their time explaining to me what is the state of my lounge, and how are they going to handle it. I was left speechless at the end. The fabric was spotless, and everything smelled so fresh and clean.

Harriet Kent

We moved to Burpham, GU4 a couple of months ago and needed a company to freshen up our furniture. Did not expect the Energy team to perform so well. Despite the couch being ages old, they managed to remove the greater part of the stains. I was truly impressed!

Gracie Fletcher

Great service and lovely cleaners. The furniture looks like brand new. Wife is delighted, tank you Energy Cleaning!

Sam Doyle

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