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Why All of Guildford Chooses Energy Cleaning

One of our company’s goals is to always provide our customers with the most positive experience starting from the moment they hire us. We diligently perform our cleaning tasks and deliver high-quality services, without the need of being constantly supervised. That is precisely why our cleaning company has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates all across Guildford and the surrounding counties.

We understand how difficult is tho maintaining your driveways and patios in perfect condition all year round. By using an advanced jet pressure system and properly trained cleaners, we can overcome every obstacle and messy situation. Being so long in the industry our professionals possess the extensive knowledge needed to maintain the high standards, Energy Cleaning is famous for.

jet pressure cleaning

How Jet Washing Works

jet cleaning Karcher K7

As a customer-oriented company, Energy Cleaning constantly thinks about its customers’ needs and values their free time. You don’t have to be present at the location, to know the job will be done with precision and care.

Trained professionals

Our cleaning company takes very seriously the safety and comfort of our customers. That is why we constantly invest time and effort in training and preparing our teams. All cleaners will do their job while treating your property with the appropriate respect.

Drains are a must

Jet washing uses a lot of water, and in order to deliver you this services, our cleaners need a properly working drain. Regardless of the location of the cleaning - out or indoors, there must be a place where all the dirty water will go.

Electricity on site

Similar to hoovers, jet pressures work on electricity. This means there needs to be a power source near the place we are going to clean. Inform us if there are no available electrical switches, so we can bring a professional extension cord.

From where the water will come

Before booking this cleaning service, you need to inform the technician whether you have a tap in close proximity to the working area. We can always use the one in your kitchen, but our cleaners must know in advance so they will be prepared with the proper water hoses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you need to make a viewing of my property in advance?

    A: It is not necessary. You can send us pictures of the place you want us to clean. The important thing, for us, is to see what type of pavement there is, so we can arrive with the proper cleaning supplies.

  • Q: What equipment do you use?

    A: The jet washer we use is Karcher K7 with the astonishing maximum pressure of 180 bar. This amazing machine can deep clean any type of pavement even before we put the detergents.

  • Q: Are all pavement cleaned the same way?

    A: No, each type of pavement has different cleaning requirements when it comes to detergents. The jet flow also needs to be adjusted accordingly.

  • Q: What do I need to know about this service?

    A: We can clean large areas, fast and efficient if we have all the basic necessities - water, working drains and electricity.


If I can describe Energy’s services with one word, it will be amazing. I have no idea what their equipment was, but I can see the original colours of my patio now. And mind you, this is the first time from many years, this has happened. Incredible professionals, I will 100% recommend them to my friends!

Harry Davies

I had my doubts when the technician came and informed me that he couldn’t use the jet on full blast because my brick patio couldn't handle it. Once he started working, I understood why. On maximum power, this machine probably can dig a hole to the centre of the Earth. Sorry, I questioned your judgement! Backyard looks amazing!

Jasmyn Ward

Convenient and fast service, the Energy guys did all the work while I was away. Awesome results, truly the best cleaning company in Guildford!

Tony Scott

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