Extreme Cleaning - We Will Help You Rebuild Your Life in Guildford

  • Cleaning properties damaged by all types of natural disasters
  • Experienced in working in hard and hazardous conditions
  • Over a 100 successful extreme cleaning services delivered
  • Discrete, trustworthy and properly prepared cleaning teams

Prices from £19/h

Why Call Energy Cleaning?

For years, we have seen what extrema hoarding, mental illness or different disabilities cause people’s behaviour. Energy Cleaning has designed this service to help our customers and their representatives to bring back the hope in their properties. We will work tirelessly and diligently to remove all of the junk and clean the filth as best as possible. Our cleaners are not afraid to get dirty, so you can have a fresh new start at your Guildford estate.

With diligence and respect towards your property and belongings, our cleaning crews are ready to work until the job is done. Understanding how some cases require more than others we can be easily adaptable when it comes to the number of technicians needed on site. Our cleaning company poses extensive knowledge and experience and has established itself as one of the most reputable and trustworthy in the county.

Energy Cleaning Extreme cleaning

More about Extreme Cleaning

Energy Cleaning Extreme cleaning

This is a service created to aid people in their darkest times. We are experienced in working with social services and legal representatives all across Guildford. Our technicians invest a lot of time in understanding our client's needs and finding a way to help them.

Why it is different from the other cleaning services we offer

If your home is uninhabitable, we will clean it to the degree it is sanitised and tidied enough to move in again. It is called “extreme” because we are the people you call when nobody else knows what to do. It is not easy to clean scenes of a foul play or extrema hoarding.

Who can benefit from it

Energy’s customers are both private homeowners and public facilities like mental hospitals, for example. Our team can clean the damages caused by natural or manmade disasters regardless of the type of property. Keep in mind, we must do an initial viewing in all cases.

What makes us experts in this field

We are the only one cleaning company in the Guildford region that can provide its customers with such a service. With combined experience from more than 40 years, we can confidently state that the Energy cleaners know what they are doing.

How we do it

Most properties require our cleaners to wear protective gear and use extremely strong professional sanitising chemicals. Our gear is strong enough to cleanse the charcoal residue from your walls. We don't play games when it comes to making a property habitable again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you deal with a pest infestation?

    A: Our technicians will dispose of all the dead animals they find at your place, but we are not a pest extermination company. You need to hire licenced professionals for this job.

  • Q: Do I need to give you my own cleaning detergents?

    A: Definitely no. Common detergents are not as strong as the professional ones we use. Do not worry we will arrive completely prepared with our own geat and cleaning solvents.

  • Q: Is my property going to be habitable again?

    A: This is our primary goal. All of our teams' efforts will centre around cleaning your place and making suitable for being lived in again. We can’t promise you our crews will be able to remove all of the stains, but your property will be deep-cleaned and disinfected as best as modern technology allows.

  • Q: Should I book this service before the builders come in or after?

    A: The extreme cleaning is designed to remove the aftereffects caused by the wrong exploitation of the property, or by a natural disaster like a fire or flood. In this line of thought, it is appropriate to book it before the construction workers. Our teams will prep the property and clean the damages as good as they can. When your contractors leave, you can hire us to do the after builders cleaning service which sole purpose is to remove the stains caused by the construction materials.


Before finding Energy Cleaning, I have never heard about Extreme cleaning as a service. I desperately needed a cleaning company to take care of my aunt’s home, after she was diagnosed with a severe hoarding disorder. There are no strong words to describe what the Energy team did for my family! The house was a complete mess and was in no condition to be lived in. After the cleaning teams have finished, I saw for the first time in years the colours of the walls. You are amazing, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

Molly Harper

I have searched all across Guildford for a cleaning company that offers such services. Energy Cleaning was like a ray of hope in the sea of rejections. Thank you so much for taking my case and investing so much time and effort in cleaning my house!

Abigail Marsh

Fast to arrive, worked hard to bring back the pub into a presentable state after the fire. Very grateful, you made our lives a little bit easier! Will book again, hopefully for not such grim occasion!

Aaron Burke

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