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  • 100% new cleaning technic
  • Brings back the shine to all types of ovens
  • Expert cleaners geared up with the latest equipment
  • Non-toxic and safe cleaning detergents

Prices from £49/single oven

Energy Cleaning - The Guildford Cleaning Company That Understands Your Needs

Why waste half a day scrubbing the oven and washing the trays? You can utilise your time much more productively! Leave the wiping to the professionals. Energy Cleaning is happy to relieve you from the burden of these boring chores. Our technicians have developed a fool-proof cleaning procedure especially for our customers in Guildford and the surrounding areas. Trust us we know how to do things better and faster than the competition.

With determination, our teams will arrive and completely transform your kitchen. We are not talking about only deep oven cleaning. Upon request, the crews can cleanse all types of kitchen appliances like microwaves, dishwashers, fridges and everything you can think of. As one of Guildford’s most popular cleaning companies, the name “Energy Cleaning” has become a symbol of quality and efficiency.

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Oven Cleaning Prices in Guildford

Single oven, including two racks £49 Range extractor £24
 Double oven, including three racks £67 AGA oven from £83
 Standard hob (4 burners) £18 Small round BBQ £49
 Extractor £18 Medium-sized BBQ (up to 3 burners) £69
 Range Oven (90cm) £89 Large BBQ (4 to 6 burners) £89
 Range oven (100-110cm) £97 Single oven package deal (Cleaning of a single oven, hob, extractor, washing machine, dishwasher, single fridge and microwave) £123
 Range hob (5 to 8 burners) £24 Double oven package deal (Cleaning of a double oven, hob, extractor, washing machine, dishwasher, single fridge and microwave) £145

What Energy Cleaning Is All About

Oven Cleaning

There is a reason Energy Cleaning is one of the leading cleaning companies in Guildford. We consistently place our customers needs first. By identifying what is expected of us, we easily exceed in it and blow the competition away.

Innovative approach

By combining different cleaning technics, we have created a procedure which allows the faster and more detailed deep cleansing of all of your stove’s detachable elements. Forget the questionable dip-tank and welcome the amazing Energy Cleaning method.

Knowledgeable and skilled cleaning teams

We invest in training our crews to know the different types of ovens and their method of working. This allows us to clean professional stoves like the AGA, efficiently and successfully. If we can’t clean your cookers, no one will manage to do it either.

Your comfort is our priority

Usually, there is nobody home when we deliver our deep-oven cleaning services. To assure yours and your belongings security all of our cleaners go through an extensive vetting procedure. Don’t worry you are safe with Energy Cleaning.

You don’t have to clean after we leave

We are a professional cleaning company, so our teams know how to properly work without causing a mess in the kitchen. No matter what detergents they use and how they apply them after our crews leave your kitchen will be spotless. Our cleaners always clean after themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I have to do something specific the first time I use my oven after the cleaning?

    A: No, you can cook as usual. The detergent used during the deep oven cleaning won't affect the food you are preparing.

  • Q: Do you clean professional kitchen appliances?

    A: Yes, in fact, they are one of our specialities. We need to know in advance what brand your cookers are and if there are some specific manufacturers' guidelines in maintaining them. You can send us pictures, or we can come and examine them.

  • Q: Can you perform the cleaning services if I’m not there?

    A: Certainly, there is no need for you to be present at the location. You can leave us the key, and we will return it after we do our job.

  • Q: Do I need to provide you with something?

    A: No, our cleaners will arrive fully prepared. We use professional equipment and detergents.


I have used many cleaning companies and am accustomed to the dip-tank method. That is why I was quite sceptical when the Energy cleaners informed me they use a technic designed by their own company. I was astonished at the results. Energy Cleaning has won me as a regular customer. Amazing work!

Nathaly Bailey

We have two toddlers and no free time, so I wanted some help with the kitchen cleaning. The team arrived on time and were very sweet. After they had left, we were able to use everything right away. The house is smelling great, and the kitchen looks like brand new. There is no doubt we will book you for other jobs.

Julia Green

So happy with the provided service. I just sent the key to my rental house in Artington, GU3 by courier to Energy Cleaning. They came, polished the kitchen and sent me back the keys after the job was done. Extremely convenient, great professionals, everything in the house was intact.

Bradley Rogers

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