Carpet cleaning in Oxford that brings quality & long-lasting results

  • Fast response time and competitive pricing
  • Safe and effective cleaning methods
  • Remove staining caused by foods, drinks, pets
  • Using Scotchgard stain repellent for maximum effect

Prices from £26/bedroom

The Oxford Cleaners You Can Trust

Energy Cleaning is well-known in the Oxford community for its high-quality carpet cleaning services. We use professional methods to deep clean your rugs and return the freshness in every room. Our cleaning company constantly stays up to date with the latest carpet cleaning innovations. The customers rely on us because they know, that if we can’t clean a particular stain, nobody else will be capable of doing it either.

The cleaning services we offer are compliant with the washing requirements carpet materials have. Our Oxford cleaners are trained to use the Hot Water Extraction procedure as it is the most long-lasting and safe cleansing technics. Not only that, but it is the most effective way of sanitising and deep-wash your rugs and carpets. When needed we use detergents that are non-toxic and pose no threat to your children and pets.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Prices in Oxford

Bedroom(12 x 12 feet)£26Living room£30
Dining room£30Through lounge£45
Hallway£12Flight of stairs£25
Landing£6By step£2
Utility room£18Bathroom£9
Toilet£6Rug small£10
Rug large£18Min. charges apply

How Do We Do Our Cleaning Magic?

carpet cleaning services

Being amongst the most highly rated cleaning companies in the Oxford and London counties means we don’t allow any mistakes in our teams’ preparation. By constantly investing in the proper training of our cleaners, they become qualified to handle every situation.

  1. Proper preparation is a must. Our technicians will start by preparing the rug or carpet by diligently vacuuming it and removing the initial dust and dirt layer from it. This way it will be easier to spot the stained and discoloured areas on which needs more cleaning attention.
  2. Carpet inspection. After the vacuuming, comes the inspection. We train our teams to distinguish the different types of staining and fabrics. This allows our cleaners to adequately choose the correct cleaning approach for your rugs and carpets.
  3. Deep Carpet and rug cleaning. Our cleaning services include the Hot Water Extraction method. It is suitable for the majority of carpet materials. The water used for the wash is removed almost fully and right away, resulting in a shorter drying out period and no risk of water damage.
  4. Protecting your rugs and carpets fresh and vibrant. If you wish, our cleaning services can include the use of a Scotchgard stain repellent. Upon spraying this amazing liquid on your rugs, it creates a protective layer that repels dirt and prevents it from sticking to the carpet’s fibres.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How often should I deep-clean my carpets?

    A: Since we use safe and non-toxic methods that won't damage your carpets’ material, you can book us whenever you want. Typically cleaning experts and doctors advice to sanitise and purify your carpets at least once every 6 months to avoid any health problems.

  • Q: Do you perform your services on the spot?

    Yes, there is no need to remove the carpet or rug from your property to clean it. Our teams arrive at the appointed location fully equipped and ready to deliver the carpet cleaning services you have ordered.

  • Q: How long does it take for my carpet to dry out completely?

    It depends on the type of material it is made of. Synthetic fibres tend to dry out quicker than natural ones. They will usually take about 6 hours, as the others take up to 8 hours. A crucial factor is the presence of a fresh airflow in the room. If there is none, the drying process can take 24 hours in the summer and 48 in the colder months.

  • Q: Do you move furniture?

    A: Yes, we move light furniture like tables, chairs and desks. As for the heavier item like wardrobes and beds, you need to move them if you want us to clean the carpet underneath them.


The cleaners came on time and did an incredible job with my carpets. I’m ecstatic! My carpets look like brand new, and the whole house smells fantastic!

Elliot Brown

I have used Energy Cleaning carpet services both in my home and my parents’ house. I can’t praise them enough. They are always on time, work fast, and the end results are amazing!

Nancy Harris

The best carpet cleaners in Oxford! After their first visit, my carpets refused to get dirty for weeks. I don’t know what magic they used, but they blew my mind. I will definitely call them again.

Beth Mason

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