Steam Cleaning: How Your Guildford Home Can Benefit From It

steam cleaning a Guildford house

Nowadays everybody is talking about alternative fuel and minimising the imprint people leave on the environment. When it comes to house cleaning, strong chemicals are the biggest concern. But what if we tell you there is a way to deep-wash everything in your home without using a single drop of detergent? Steam cleaning is the […]

Natural Cleaning: How to Implement It in Your Guildford Home

With all of the environmental disasters happening in the last years, people are searching for a way to minimise their negative influence on the plane and stay as healthy as possible. This is a reasonable and easily achieved goal thanks to natural cleaning. Dive with our experts from one of Guildford’s most reputable cleaning company […]

How to Deep-wash Your Oven in 6 Easy Steps

oven in a Guildford home

The thing that most homeowners skip when regularly cleaning their home is usually the oven. You wash your bathroom more often than your kitchen appliances. To be fair it is understandable. Nobody wants to scrub grime and food leftovers for hours. Thankfully our Guildford professional cleaners have a solution for you. Here you will find […]

What’s Included in an End of Tenancy Clean?

This is one of the most asked questions and with good reason. The return of your deposit in most cases relies on its answer. To clear things a bit and help you organise a smooth and effortless transition to your new place without breaking the bank, our Guildford end of tenancy cleaners will review the […]

7 Summer Cleaning Tricks for Your Guildford Home

remove the sand from your towel

Summer is here and its time to have some well-deserved fun. After a lovely day at the beach or a nice barbeque with your friends and family cleaning is probably the last thing in your mind. However, we all know these steps can’t be skipped so easily. So our professional Guildford cleaners have a solution […]

Free Your Guildford Home from the Damp Smell

damp smell in a Guildford home

Living in the UK comes with many perks no doubt, however, you need to be prepared for the humid weather and constant rain showers. This can result in increasing the possibility of mould and mildew growth in the homes. Most people often complain about the musty, damp smell their houses has. That is why we’ve […]

8 Ways to Make Your Guildford Spring Cleaning Fun

Spring cleaning is one of the oldest traditions, everybody does it. Some people even procrastinate their chores for months until this home event. The reason is very simple, cleaning is boring, you go around the house hovering each room and overall doing dull repetitive actions. But what if we tell you the one-off tidying can […]

End of Tenancy Cleaning: Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There comes a time in almost everybody’s lives when we move from our childhood home and rent our first flat. Sometimes you can spend years moving from one place to another before settling down. The important thing is to always be smart and ensure the safe return of your deposit. It can depend on many […]

Prepare and Clean Your Guildford Apartment for the Summer

cleaning a home in Guildford

The birds are singing and there are more and more sunny days each week. Summer is slowly coming, and it is time to prepare your Guildford apartment for the warm season. We asked some of the most renown cleaning companies about what should every diligent homeowner do before the start of June and here is […]