4 Smart Ways to Clean Your Carpets for the Holidays

carpet in an Oxford home

October is almost over and it’s time to start preparing for the Holiday season. One of the most important chores you need to take care of before your guests arrive is to properly clean your carpet. There are a lot of ways to do that without the need of spending a lot of money. Here […]

DOs and DON’Ts When Cleaning Your Bathroom

bathroom in a Reading house

Undeniably one of the most important rooms in every home needs to be cleaned regularly with the right tools and products. To give you some insight on what to and not to do when it come to the cleansing and sanitising of your bathroom our Reading pro cleaners have created a list of DOs and […]

How to Pick the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

vacuum cleaner in a Reading house

Buying a hover is not an easy task. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration, that otherwise won’t even cross your mind. We understand the struggle and that is why our Reading cleaners have created this simple but effective guide on what to look for when buying a vacuum machine. […]

7 Cleaning Hacks That Don’t Actually Work

Nowadays the internet is buzzing with different cleaning for every stain and occasion you can possibly think. Some of them actually sound plausible, but others are just absurd. Our Reading cleaning experts have decided to check out and debunk some of the most popular hacks, so you don’t have to suffer the unpleasant consequences. 1. […]

Pre-Tenancy Cleaning: All You Need to Know

keys from a Reading house

It’s September and this means school is starting in the UK. This is the time to rent flats, find roommates and check dorms. It is also the time for a pre-tenancy cleaning. You have never heard this term? Well, keep reading because this is one you would want to learn. What is a Pre-Tenancy Cleaning? […]

Wet Vs Dry Carpet Cleaning: Which One to Pick

Every homeowner has at least one carpet and it needs to be deep-cleaned properly from time to time. There are many methods but which one is the best? How to choose between dry and wet carpet cleaning? Reading professionals are here to help you and shed some light. Wet Carpet Cleaning There are a lot […]

9 Times It’s Better to Use Professional Cleaning Services

Hiring people, you don’t know to enter your property and clean it, is not something everybody is willing to do. However, in the following situations, it is advisory to use professional help. Sometimes it can actually save you, not only time but money as well. 1.At the End of Your Lease Most landlords expect you […]

What Is the Difference Between Regular and Deep House Cleaning

When we are talking about regular cleaning, we usually mean the weekly tidying up of the home. You don’t put much effort in it, and you basically try to sustain good ‌living conditions cleaning, on‌ ‌the‌ ‌other‌ ‌hand, is something that happens once or twice a year and it includes the top to bottom scarping […]