The Essence of Spring Cleaning & How to Achieve a Zen Home

Oxford Spring Cleaning tools

The history behind the term “spring cleaning” is not clear. Some believe the tradition originates from the Persian New Year (usually occurs on March 21st – the first day of spring) when people have thoroughly cleaned their homes. In almost any major religion, there are references to the process of the complete home cleansing. But […]

10+ Powerful Spring Cleaning Tips by Your Oxford Cleaners

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As the weather is becoming warmer (or should we say, less cold) spring cleaning is once again a trending topic. So much so, that people have already started building their cleansing checklists. But, as professional cleaners, we know that spring cleaning isn’t as easy as it sounds. We know you need to pace yourself and […]

DIY Cleaners: Have a Spotless Oxford Home This Spring

DIY Cleaners for Your Oxford House

Spring is almost here, and it is time to prepare for the big annual one-off cleaning. For this year we have a special proposal for you: why not try something different that is both eco-friendly and effective? On top of that, experts from one of the most return cleaning companies in Oxford will give you […]

Speed Cleaning – Tips by Professional Oxford Cleaners

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As our lives become fast-paced and more intense, we’re all looking for ways to do things quickly and with less effort. Especially if they aren’t that pleasant. That is one of the reasons why speed cleaning is a big trend at the moment – it attracts homeowners and busy parents who are looking for ways […]

Mould Cleaning: How to Protect Your Oxford Home

mould in an Oxford house

Mould is everywhere, and this is no exaggeration. You can find it hidden under your carpets, in the corners of your rooms, on your window frame. These nasty and highly adaptable fungi pose a considerable treat for your health. Moulds have many shapes and sizes and are one of biggest problem cleaning companies encounter. To […]

The Best Way to Clean Up Dust After Builders in Oxford

after builders cleaning of an Oxford house

Renovation projects are one of the most complicated and nerve-racking tasks that homeowners undertake. Whether the goal is increasing the value of a property or just general ‘facelift’, the work, unfortunately, doesn’t end with waving goodbye to the builders. Booking an after builders cleaning service is a quick and effective way of dealing with the […]