17 Amazing Tips to Clean Your Bathroom

bathroom in an Oxford home

The bathroom is one of the least favourite places when it comes to cleaning. You usually leave it for last just because it is so bothersome to wash everything in it. Not to mention nobody loves to scrub the toilet. In order to speed clean this part of your home, we have asked the best […]

What Germs Lurk in Your Oxford Office

germs in an Oxford office

It is important to know germs are all around us and the best way we can protect ourselves is by thoroughly cleaning not only our homes but also our workplaces. You may think, “But my office is so tidy what are you talking about?”. Well, our expert cleaners can tell you that if your Oxford […]

How to Clean Your Curtains like a Professional

curtains in a Oxford house

When you live in a metropolitan such as Oxford you have to constantly battle the dusty and polluted air. The small particles freely flow in your house and stuck to everything and your curtains are no exception. Usually perceived as a static part of the home decor, most people forget to regularly clean their drapes. […]

The Ultimate Lazy Guide: How to Make Your Home Look Clean

Oxford, UK

In a perfect world, in a nice house somewhere in Oxford, you will get up every Sunday and thoroughly wash and scrape your home all the while singing a happy song. The reality, however, is different. Most people are so tired after the 50-hour workweek that in their free time they just want to rest […]

Clean Your Home and Have a Positive Start of the New Year


The new year is finally here, and it’s time to sweep the confetti and put away the fancy cutlery. After being ravaged by family and friends for almost a month your house needs a little touch-up. So why don’t you follow these professional tips and clean your house fast and easy? Everything will be back […]

6 New Year’s Cleaning Traditions from Around the World

new years eve

The thorough house cleaning at the end of the year is a well-known tradition followed by many cultures. Sometimes it is associated not only with the cleansing of the home but also the mind and body. Here are a couple of interesting cleaning rituals from across the globe that will hopefully inspire you to also […]

Office Cleaning: How to Start the New Year with a Smile

office space

Traditionally people clean and prepare their homes for the arrival of the new year. But what about your workplace? There is nothing more motivating than returning to a fresh and spotless office to give you the boost you need in the first days of January. Here are some fun and useful ideas from our Oxford […]

6 Ways to Have a Spotless Home This Holiday Season

Christmas holidays

The Holiday season is upon us, and our professional Oxford cleaners advise their customers to start preparing their homes for the upcoming festivities. If you are unsure from where to start, here are 6 simple ways you can transform your home this winter. Get Everybody on Board The key to success is to rely on […]

How to Properly Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

kitchen in an Oxford home

It’s almost time for the annual winter celebrations, and you know what that means, don’t you? Get your pots and pans out it’s cooking time! If you want to create a delicious masterpiece for this year’s festivities, you need to get your kitchen appliances in order and properly cleaned. Thankfully our Oxford professionals are here […]